The Seven Sorrows & Joys of St. Joseph

Hail Joseph

Hail Joseph Son of David, the just and the chaste, Wisdom is with you; Blessed are you among all men and blessed is Jesus, the fruit of Mary, your faithful spouse.

Holy Joseph, worthy foster-father and guardian of Jesus Christ and of the holy Church, pray for us sinners and obtain divine Wisdom for us from God, now and at the hour of our death.


The devotion, with some updating in language for the sake of clarity, is as follows.


First Sorrow: His doubts about Mary.

First Joy: The angel's message of joy.

Saint Joseph, chaste spouse of Mary, great was your sorrow when, in a state of uncertainty, you were inclined to quietly divorce Mary. But great was your joy when the angel revealed to you the mystery of Christ's Incarnation.

By this sorrow and this joy, we ask you to relieve [name(s)] of all anxieties and doubts about their future and fill their hearts with confidence in the powerful protection of Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God.

Recite seven Gloria's.

Second Sorrow: His pain at the lowly poverty of Jesus' birthplace.

Second Joy:  The Savior's birth.

Glorious St. Joseph, chosen foster father of the Word made flesh, great was your sorrow at seeing the Child Jesus born in such poverty. But great was your joy when you beheld the brightness of that holy night in which the angels sang, "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to people of good will."

By this sorrow and this joy, we implore you to obtain for [name(s)] the grace that the Infant Jesus may again be born in their hearts and that, blessed with the sweet peace of God, they may join after their death in the joyful company of the angels.

Recite seven Gloria's.

Third Sorrow: Watching the circumcision, Jesus' first blood spilt for us.

Third Joy: Having the honor of naming Jesus.

Glorious St. Joseph, you faithfully obeyed the law of God, and your heart was pierced at the sight of the Precious Blood shed by the Infant Savior during His circumcision. But great was your joy when you gave Him the name of Jesus that would bring salvation to sinners.

By this sorrow and this joy, obtain for [name(s)] the grace to be liberated from all sin during life and to die rejoicing with the Holy Name of Jesus in their hearts and on their lips.

Recite seven Gloria's.

Fourth Sorrow: Listening to the painful prophetic message from Simeon.

Fourth Joy: Knowing the effects of Jesus' redemptive work.

Most faithful St. Joseph, great was your grief when, at the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, you heard Simeon's prophecy of the future sufferings of Jesus and Mary. But how great was your joy when Simeon foretold that Jesus would be the Light for the revelation to the gentiles and the glory of His people.

By this sorrow and this joy, we pray that you assist [name(s)], that through the light and the power of the Sorrowful Mother, they may see their salvation, and praise and thank God for the grace of a happy death.

Recite seven Gloria's.

Fifth Sorrow: Having to take the Holy Family into exile.

Fifth Joy: The idols of Egypt fell at Jesus' feet.

Most watchful guardian of the Infant Jesus, great was your grief when, obeying the voice of the angel, you fled to Egypt with Mary and the Infant Jesus. But how great was your joy to have God Himself with you and to see the idols of the Egyptians fall prostrate before Him.

By this sorrow and this joy, I pray that you help [name(s)] to banish from their heart all sinful habits so that Jesus and Mary may come and lead their soul(s) to Heaven.

Recite seven Gloria's.

Sixth Sorrow: The hard trip back from Egypt.

Sixth Joy: Holy life with Jesus and Mary.

Glorious St. Joseph, head and guardian of the Holy Family, great was your sorrow when, upon the return from Egypt, you learned that cruel Archelaus was reigning in Judea. But great was your joy when the angel of God directed you to go to Nazareth where you lived peacefully with Jesus and Mary until your happy death.

By this sorrow and this joy, I ask that you assist [name(s)] that they may overcome all attacks of the evil spirits and die peacefully under the special protection of Jesus and Mary.

Recite seven Gloria's.

Seventh Sorrow: The loss of Jesus for three days.

Seventh Joy: Finding Jesus after three days.

Glorious St. Joseph, patron of the dying, great was your sorrow when you lost, through no fault of your own, the Child Jesus for three days. But how great was your joy when you found Him in the Temple.

By this sorrow and this joy, we ask you to help [name(s)] to not lose their Savior for all eternity, but to find Him who is Divine Mercy itself, in the temple of their hearts, especially at the hour of death.

Recite seven Gloria's.